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client list

Updated: February 2020
  • Unfiltered Media Group/Craft Beer & Brewing

  Magazine, Ft. Collins, CO

  John Bolton, CEO/Co-Founder

  Haydn Strauss, COO/Publisher


  • Hotel Talisa, Vail, CO

 Russ Craney, Assistant General Manager


  • Metropolitan State University - Denver, Denver, CO

Scott Kerkmans, Director of Brewing Industry Operations Program

  •  Gateway Canyons Resort, Gateway, CO

 Jason Kusel and Tyler Gallup, Food & Beverage

  • Destination Services of Colorado, Avon, CO

 Christine Holmberg, Account Manager

 Angela Sommer, Account Manager

  • Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO

 Bob Barto, General Manager

 Bruce Horii, Director of Sales & Marketing

  • Vail Valley Foundation, Avon, CO

 Lisa Babb, Hospitality Manager

  • Climb Hard Cider, Loveland, CO

           Peter Villeneuve, Owner


  • Fisher's Liquor Barn, Grand Junction, CO

  Brandi Pollock, Owner     ​

  • Realize Colorado, Telluride, CO

  Deana Mitchell, Owner

  • Always Mountain Time, Radiate LIVE Events, Avon, CO

 Lee Sims, Events Director

  • Maine Brewers Guild, Portland, Maine

 Sean Sullivan, Executive Director

  • Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga, WY

  Schelby Merrill, Operations Manager​

  • Paradox Beer Company, Woodland Park, CO

 Carol White, Director of Sales



  • American Diabetes Association, Denver, CO

 Emily Fay, Senior Manager Mission Delivery & Youth

  • Brewers Association, Boulder, CO

Paul Gatza, Director

Nancy Johnson, Events Coordinator



  • Vail Cascade Resort, Vail, CO

 Russ Craney, Assistant General Manager

  • Kannah Creek Brewing Company, Grand Junction, CO

 Jim Jeffryes, Owner


  • Rocky Mountain Brewing Symposium, Colo. Springs. CO​​​​

Tom Wolkow, Chair, Biology Department & Director, UCCS Biology Technical Center

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