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Customized Craft Beer Programs is based in beautiful Vail, CO, and is the creation of Laura Lodge, veteran tour guide in the world of craft beer. A combination of her experience producing and assisting with craft beer events, her industry knowledge accumulated while working for a small, independent distribution company, experience in designing on-premise craft beer programs from the ground up, many years on the fine dining restaurant floor, and a variety of useful and interesting other skills & experience, CCBP pulls it all together under one umbrella.

Customized Craft Beer Programs
Laura Lodge, Owner
Vail, Colorado

"Creating an environment
  of education and product
  knowledge, Laura stands
  out as a leader in this   

~ Tom Jasko, Sales Manager

   Merchant du Vin

"Laura's ability to team work 
  with servers, managers &
  media has been instantly
  recognized as a catalyst in
  the craft beer community."

~ Stephen Belie, Executive Chef

   Gateway Canyons Resort

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